WV Statewide Cross-Disability Advocacy Org.

Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Ruth Rowan
Republican: WV House of Representatives for the 57th District 

 I am, and always have been an advocate for those with disabilities.  My masters degree from WVU is in Learning Disabilities.  I represent the deaf and blind community.  I serve on the Advisory Board of the West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and Blind, as well as the Board of the West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and Blind Foundation.  I also serve on the Local School Improvement Council at the West Virginia School for the Deaf.  In addition to my active role in the deaf community I serve on the board of the Potomac Highlands Guild, which focuses on mental and behavioral health.


Every year during session I have the students from WVSDB perform before the House of Delegates so that the entire state can see how wonderful they are.  The last two years they have performed I have been able to line up their performance on Deaf Awareness Day.


During the 2020 Session I was able to get legislation passed that will help parents of deaf children make important decisions concerning the best means of communication for their child…….birth to three and beyond; preparing them for entrance into Kindergarten.


As Chair of Seniors, Children, and Families my door will always be open to you if you have any ideas or suggestions for those with disabilities.


Ruth Rowan

Delegate 57th District