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FSN Seeking Part Time Program Manager

Fair Shake Network (FSN) is seeking a part time program manager to work with the director of the FSN to develop a toolkit for aging caregivers to help them transition care for a person with a disability to a new setting after the caregiver can no longer provide such care. 


Workload:   21 hours a week for one year at $20.00 per hour.  Beginning May 2022



1.    Project director will be familiar with or is directly affected by this issue.

2.    Must be able to work both independently and with a group.

3.    Must be willing to work remotely from home.

4.    Must have a reliable vehicle and willingness to travel the state.

5.    Must have a good understanding of Windows Office or other comparable document suite


1.    Help develop an Advisory Board, schedule and run the Advisory Board meetings.

2.    Compile and present data and resources to the creative group to develop a component of the toolkit.

3.    Distribute toolkit and information both electronically and in print and set up display at events to educate the public about the toolkit.

4.    Do at least 4 presentations either in person or by zoom across the state to those families and individuals impacted by this issue.

5.    Provide the council with quarterly reports of the activities and outcomes of all activities related to this project. 

6.    Meet with Council Staff for a six month grant review and an end of grant review.

7.    Develop an evaluation tool in collaboration with the advisory group to be included in each toolkit and summarize the feedback received from this activity and include in the final report.

8.    Along with other duties as directed by the FSN Director.


If interested, please send your resume to:

Fair Shake Network

Attention:  Paul Smith

PO Box 354

Institute, WV 25112

Or Email it to: director@fairshake .org


Deadline for resumes are: April 30, 2022