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Nancy Tyler


Ms. Tyler is a private healthcare consultant working in the Charleston area. Prior to July 1st of 2012, Nancy worked as Counsel for the House Health Committee for the West Virginia Legislature for five years and as Counsel for the House Finance Committee of the Legislature for seven years. 


She was primarily responsible for all health related bills for the Legislature. She also participated on a variety of committees as a liaison to the legislature. Ms. Tyler’s background includes a variety of health related duties including the following: Director of the Office of Health Facilities Licensure and Certification in the Dept. of Health and Human Resources, Director of WV Operations for United Health Care, Deputy Attorney General, Executive Director of Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center, Health Policy Analyst for the Sunrise/Sunset Committee of the CO Legislature and other positions in the health arena. 


She also has worked for United Cerebral Palsy, and Shawnee Hills Community Behavioral Health Center and has had a long term commitment to people with disabilities and enabling complete integration with the community. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Family Services from Auburn University, her Masters in Social Work from West Virginia University and her Law Degree from the University of Denver.